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There are two aspects of Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base to consider; Firstly it can be resold ‘as is’ to DIY mixers of e-liquid and secondly it can be used in the production of wholesale e-liquid by commercial vendors. I will firstly discuss the former:

DIY mixersWholesale Nicotine

Mixing, DIY and nicotine

At first sight it may seem counter intuitive to seek to supply Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base directly to your customers because you may fear cannibalisation of your pre-mixed e-liquid market. In truth there are two distinct markets; a customer seeking to purchase Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base for DIY e-juice mixing from you is very unlikely to accept a pre-mixed juice as a substitute. Conversely a customer who values the convenience of prepared e-liquid and is most probably attached to one or other flavour within your stock wouldn’t consider an unflavoured and unmixed Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base as an impulse buy. You can successfully retail both pre-mixed e-liquids and Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base into these two parallel markets concurrently.

DIY e-liquid mixers will mostly prefer to purchase Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base in ‘sensible’ size bottles of 30ml, the standard strength is 54mg which means that this volume is a sufficient quantity to produce 9 x 10ml bottles of 18mg e-liquid once mixed with the correct proportions of Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and flavours.


DIY e-juice mixers are generally ‘serious’ Vapers and they are very often ‘opinion formers’ too. Within the e-cigarette market that currently relies heavily on word of mouth and reputation they can be an important asset. It is good marketing practice to keep these guys happy – not stocking a Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base would be bad but selling them poor quality Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base would be far worse. You may be surprised at the demand that exists from DIY mixers for the one litre bottles of 54mg Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base, this is because of the lower price per millilitre when compared to the smaller bottles and because of the siege mentality engendered by reports of impending restrictions. With a retail price of around £100, each sale of a one litre bottle of Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base can be a profitable one with little ‘salesmanship’ required because the purchaser will normally know what they want. Additionally, return rates are low because of the nature of the product and the experience of the purchaser. It is however very important to clearly establish with the purchaser the exact nature of the product and to emphasize that it must be diluted before use and that all necessary safety precautions must be followed. It is not a product intended for use by novice e-cigarette users.

Wholesale Nicotine for e-juice manufactureWholesale Nicotine

The Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base that you choose is the most essential ingredient in the preparation of e-juice for resale. E-juice is only really a viable profit driver if repeat sales to regular customers are established, this will fail to be achieved without every effort to supply the best possible product being made. At the core of e-juice production is your chosen Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base, what you need is a very high quality wholesale nicotine base liquid that is tested and provable – you need the reassurance of being able to view the GC-MS testing results. It is also imperative that your chosen Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base imparts no overriding ‘stale tobacco’ flavour to your finished products – customers will soon move on to different suppliers if your whole range carries the same ‘background’ flavour.

Your Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base supplier should be flexible enough to keep your stocks of this essential raw material at an optimum level.  A stockroom with more than one months backup is bad for business cash-flow but equally, having to halt production while waiting for the latest imported shipment of Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base to arrive is unacceptably inefficient. The ideal solution is a UK based supplier who can act as your ‘stockroom’ and give next working day delivery – thereby maximising your cash-flow and efficiency.

Platinum IceWholesale Nicotine

WizMix Platinum Ice Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base is ideal both for re-sale ‘as is’ to DIY mixers and in use as the central raw material for commercial e-liquid production. WizMix is a well liked and accepted brand by both customers and trade alike. Their Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base contains 5.4% Pharma grade nicotine and is UK made. Their supply chain meets all of the ‘ideal’ requirements for quality and service noted above.

It can be supplied from stock in either 30ml bottles or one litre bottles both of which are correctly bottled and labeled to comply with all the relevant UK regulations and carry the reassurance of being public liability insured. Platinum Ice Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base can be ordered in small individual quantities or on pallets of 100 x one litre bottles.

Wholesale NicotineA one litre bottle of Platinum Ice Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base will be sufficient to produce over 330 x 10ml bottles of 1.8% pre-mixed e-liquid therefore the Wholesale Nicotine component of your product need not be disproportionately expensive in comparison to that of the other ingredients or preparing, packaging and distribution costs even when using the best Wholesale Nicotine e-liquid base available.

In addition to Wholesale Nicotine, ECigWizard can also supply other ingredients of e-liquid from stock – Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and flavours.

Mixing, DIY and nicotine

platinum ice


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