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Vision eGo Kit – Simply Revolutionary

The Vision eGo Kit marks a watershed in E-Cigarette design. Simple to use, reliable in use, consistent in output – the Vision eGo E-Cigarette Kit.

Desert Island

BBC Radio broadcasts a program called Desert Island Disks, it has done so for over seventy years. The show’s format ‘shipwrecks’ a celebrity guest on an imaginary desert island after first giving them a choice of ten records to be stranded with, these will be their only available music for many years to come. The shows structure allows for the guest to be interviewed, interspersed with, and sometimes illustrated by excerpts from their chosen disks.vision ego e-cigarette

I have chosen not to listen to Desert Island Disks for the last few years. The concept of choosing just ten pieces of music upsets me, I find myself mentally writing and re-compiling my own choices.

At the end of the show the guest is also asked to pick just one book and one luxury item. The book choice would prove as difficult as the music choice does for me however the luxury item would be easy. I would take an E-Cigarette, more precisely I would take a Vision eGo E-Cigarette Kit.

Cig-a-like ecigs

Many of us started our vaping lifestyle by buying a cig-a-like ecig but it does not take long for any user to discover the weaknesses of it’s design.  Cig-a-likes are designed to look as close as possible to their tobacco counterparts. This design constraint leads to a product that has insufficient battery life, poor e-liquid storage, substandard vapour production and a short life. I guess that there will be many more people who will experience their first encounter with an e-cigarette using one of these – but very few of them will continue to use them, they will either give up vaping and return to smoking because of sheer frustration with the device or they will discover the Vision eGo E-Cigarette Kit.

Vision eGo E-Cigarette Kitvision ego e-cigarette

Buy the Vision Ego Kit
The Vision eGo E-Cigarette Kit is not a brand new device, it has been around long enough for nearly every vaper to own at least one. They have a cylindrical shape, which is logical for something that is hand held and periodically sucked upon – they are not however cigarette ‘like’. Their whole appearance distinguishes them as a vaping device and not a cigarette – there is no glowing end, they are bigger that cigarettes, they are rarely white, the e-liquid is visible through it’s refillable cartridge and they have an integrated firing button.

Video Ego Kit video reviews

The characteristics that distinguish the Vision eGo from the cig-a-like ecigs are it’s strengths. Once you have become accustomed to vaping you no longer wish to be associated with, or have any reminder of your past smoking habit, so having an E-Cigarette that looks unlike a cigarette is important. The refillable cartridge (sometimes called a Cartomiser or Clearomizer) holds sufficient e-liquid for several hours of vaping and being clear it means that you can easily see the remaining e-liquid volume. The battery being larger than those employed by cig-a-like ecigs gives a longer battery charge interval making it far more practical. The manual firing button allows the vaper to start heating the atomiser element momentarily before commencing a draw, conversely the ‘draw-switch’ employed by cig-a-like ecigs is unable to predict future demand.

Just Three

The three parts of the Vision eGo are the battery, the cartomiser and the USB battery charger. The name refers to the manufacturer (Vision) and the battery/cartomiser screw connection design (eGo). In addition to these three hardware items all that you will need is some e-liquid to fill and refill the cartomiser with.vision ego e-cigarette

The Vision eGo Kit is manufactured in China to a high quality standard. Like many good supplied from China you can obtain copies, often at a lower price – sometimes these copies are acceptable but sometimes they fall well below a reasonable standard. Price can not always be a guide either, I have seen unscrupulous e-cigarette vendors selling cheep copies at inflated prices. The best advice is to purchase a genuine  Vision eGo E-Cigarette Kit from a well established and reputable vendor.

E-liquid is also often produced in China but the best and safest is that produced within the UK under our strict consumer product legislation. E-liquid should be bottled and labeled correctly and be free from contaminates, this is not always the case with imported e-juice.

Back to the Desert Island

Why would I choose the Vision eGo E-Cigarette Kit as my luxury item on the imagined desert island? It is true that I have adopted vaping as a hobby, I regularly use many different types of e-cigarette devices, I have a whole gamut of mods and rebuildables at hand upon which to vape and at any given time any one of them can be my favourite for the day….. but when I go out or away from my desk I invariably pick up a Vision eGo E-Cigarette.vision ego e-cigarette

When you want to know that your chosen vaping device will work, reliably and satisfyingly without needing any fiddling with, while remaining relatively unobtrusive, the Vision eGo E-Cigarette is the obvious choice.

Buy the Vision Ego Kit

When I travel I find that all that I need to carry for vaping is a Vision eGo Kit, a charger and some eliquid – although I must admit I do always take a spare Vision eGo E-Cigarette Kit along too because I would not want to be stuck without a vape if it gets lost, stolen or broken.

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