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Vapelab White Label E-Liquid

Made in the UK


Vapelab white label e-liquid offer UK made, private label e-liquid to the electronic cigarette trade market throughout Europe and beyond.

Critical Business Decision

E-Liquid is at the centre of any electronic cigarette business; it gives good returns against your capital outlay, is the driver of repeat sales and establishes your reputation.

Getting your supply of e-liquid right is a critical business decision. If you are a distributor, wholesaler of retailer you need a professional supplier that can flexibly, efficiently and cost-effectively fulfil your requirements.

Vapelab have a range of e-liquid laboratory, labelling and distribution services that are unequalled within the UK, even if you are already a customer you may be surprised at the range of services that they offer. If you don’t already have an account you have overlooked the obvious choice to serve your business needs.

Fruty posterE-Liquid Quality

Supplying high quality E-liquid is a win-win situation. As the electronic cigarette market matures the end customer is becoming increasingly aware of quality and value in their choice of e-liquid. If the end customer is satisfied with an e-liquid he/she will repeat the purchase, not just once but many times over. This purchasing loyalty drives consistent sales and growth all the way up the supply chain.

Big Reasons for VapelabThe early days of the electronic cigarette market have now passed; customers will no longer be satisfied with an e-liquid imported from China which has a questionable pedigree. Neither will any business thrive by passing off sub-standard locally produced e-liquid. End customers want to know that their e-liquid purchase is produced using laboratory grade ingredients, hygiene and procedures in addition to having great flavour and value. If you can not guarantee all of this with every bottle of e-liquid then you will be forgoing the full profit potential offered by the phenomenal growth in e-liquid sales.

Legal Responsibilities and Potential Pot-Holes

The key word is negligence. If the e-liquid that you are supplying falls short in purity or hygiene then one day you will be asked to prove that you have not acted negligently in its supply – if you can not do so your business is at risk. Consider whether you can honestly state that you personally know that every possible precaution has been taken to avoid any impurity or contaminates being accidentally introduced during the manufacturing of the e-liquid that you sell, this is the measure of your responsibility. It is unlikely that you could legitimately claim that you have not been negligent if your best defence is that you trusted a company in another country better known for supplying low prices than top quality. It would be worse still to be knowingly supplying e-liquid that is produced locally in anything except the highest standards expected with regard to hygiene, batch tracing, ingredient control, testing and quality control.

Test Tube in LabIn addition to knowing with full confidence that your e-liquid is everything that it should be it is equally as important that the labelling and packaging complies strictly to the many regulations legally imposed – failure to get this right could have dire consequences on your business.

Vapelab White Label E-liquid

Vapelab is a division of a multi-million pound UK based company who can offer the very highest assurance of quality and are backed by extensive product liability insurance. As a partner with Vapelab you can be confident that every possible precaution is taken and every procedure is scrupulously followed to guarantee a consistently reliable and pure product that is produced in the UK.

Vapelab offer their extensive experience and expertise in producing e-liquid for every stage of e-liquid supply – and their service can cost you no more than you would be paying for the Chinese imported or poor quality, locally supplied, equivalent.

Quality Assured Vapelab EliquidPrivate Label E-Liquid

Vapelab can produce your e-liquid on your behalf. Your company can employ Vapelab’s e-liquid manufacturing expertise to produce your product to the highest possible standards and then bottle it and label in a fully CHIP/CLP fashion with your name on.

The assurance of Vapelab’s expertise in the field of e-liquid manufacture allows your company to confidently leave manufacturing in their hands so that you are free to fully capitalise on promoting and selling your product.

Flexible Approach

Vapelab are flexible. They will happily discuss your requirements and will always seek a way to supply them to you. If your need is for e-liquid supplied in bulk for you to bottle and label yourself then that is what they will supply. Maybe you would prefer to have your e-liquid pre-bottled but un-labelled? Vapelab can do this too.

private label e-liquid websiteWhatever your need in e-liquid Vapelab should be the first company to talk to. To start the conversation all that you need to do is complete an account application at their website and a dedicated account manager will contact you to discuss your needs and offer you personally tailored solutions.

Short Supply Chain

By dealing direct with Vapelab you are assuring yourself of the efficiency born of a short supply chain. This short supply chain ensures that you will be getting the best possible value into your product by not squandering money on shipping costs; it also ensures quick fulfilment of your order allowing you to order when you need the product instead of weeks or months in advance.


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