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Tesla Mod, Examined and Enjoyed

Tesla Mod

You might be forgiven for thinking that the Tesla Mod is named after the cool electric car produced by Tesla Motors, in fact it is named after Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla

There is a certain irony naming a battery operated device (such as this mod or the car) after Nikola Tesla, he is the father of Alternating Current. AC is the system that powers all of our homes however batteries are not AC, they are in fact DC – Direct Current. The story of Nikola Tesla is fascinating – from fame and wealth to relative obscurity and virtual penury – hundreds of patents and squabbles with Thomas Edison – his contribution to our current society is massive. But you didn’t come here to read about Nikola Tesla however before I move on to talking about the Tesla Mod please allow me to recommend a visit to The Tesla Society to learn more about this fascinating individual.Tesla Mod

Tesla Mod

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A mod is an ecigarette body, like the handle of a traditional battery torch it holds the battery and has a power button. Instead of a small bulb and reflector at the end it has a 510 fitting onto which your ecigarette atomiser is attached. The 510 fitting has a moat around it, facilitating the use of the CE range of cartomisers. Alternatively an ego/510 adapter can be used to allow for the connection of other eGo-fitting cartomisers.

Tesla Mod video review

The Tesla VW Mod adds a few features and refinements to the above ‘torch’ analogy; it is a VV/VW mod, this means that the output voltage can be varied (VV) or alternatively you can set the Wattage (VW) which then delivers a fixed voltage output to compliment the impedance of your atomiser. The Tesla Mod delivers a remarkably steady rate of output throughout the range of power provided by the battery as it exhausts it’s charge.


The display that is used to convey information about it’s present state and during setup is a lovely Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) type. It has a dark black/blue background and sharp/bright white(ish) text. On power up a large ‘Tesla’ is displayed followed by a scrolling “System: On” message, it looks very smooth.Tesla Mod

In menu mode the display reads across two lines, obviating the need for the cryptic-setting-clues often displayed on mods. If you choose to have the display light up when the mod is fired then you can pick from atomiser impedance, power delivery and battery power remaining indication.


There are three buttons on the Tesla Mod. The fire button is opposite the display, it is fairly large, metallic and quite comfortable. It has a good click action and produces subtle audible feedback. Pressing this button rapidly and repeatedly places the Tesla in System:On or System:Off mode.Tesla Mod

The two remaining buttons are above the display. These two are used to increase or decrease the voltage or wattage output setting. Pressing these two buttons at the same time momentarily will ‘Lock’ the output at the current setting, until it is unlocked using the same procedure. Incidentally, replacing the battery does not reset your chosen power output – it just puts the Tesla ecig in System:Off mode, when you turn it back on all of your settings are where you left them prior to battery removal.

In addition to power output setting, pressing and holding the left button will cause the display to read out the remaining battery voltage, the right button shows firstly the atomiser impedance and then (if it remains held) activates the System Menu.

In the System Menu you have options for Power Output type (Voltage or Wattage), Display Choice when fired and Display On/Off options which are adjusted using the left button. It really is all very clever and remarkably easy to set and use.Tesla Mod


It is difficult to see the shape of the Tesla Mod in photos. It is a rounded, triangular tube… rather like a small, partly melted, Toblerone Chocolate Bar but with circular ends. The windows that run down the length of it’s three sides are not ‘glazed’ as I had imagined they would be, they are actually venting portals. There are also venting holes in the screw-on base too. I suspect that the lateral portals are more for design than necessity because those provided in the base are amply sufficient should your battery fail and begin to produce fumes.

The casing is constructed from Stainless Steel which has a ‘sheen’ finish. The Tesla Mod has thick walls that have the look and feel of an engineered component – fresh off the lathe. The 18650 battery that fits inside is positively dwarfed by the Tesla Mod casing.Tesla Mod


There are a few ‘negative-features’ of the Tesla Mod that have been highlighted by others. The positioning of the setting buttons has raised the obvious concern that this configuration causes one to obscure the display at the very moment that you need to read it. Personally, when setting the Tesla Mod, I tend to do so using both hands. With a thumb for each button the display remains easily visible. A further concern is that with the power button being placed directly opposite the setting buttons, unintended activation could occur. This has more validity, however one soon becomes accustomed to avoiding accidental firing whilst setting.

I have read comments that the Tesla Mod ‘face’ looks rather ‘Shocked’ or that it has the expression of Bender Bending Rodriguez from Futurama… maybe that is true, but I think it just looks like a mod. I have even read a review of the Tesla Mode that implied that it looked like a Sex Toy, I asked my partner about this but was assured that it was not smooth enough for that purpose.Tesla Mod

The Tesla Mod is big, brash and flashy. As a modest sort of fellow I would hesitate to vape this while walking the City Streets, preferring a simple eGo/CE set-up for public use. I am however more than happy to use the Tesla Mod as a Table or Desk Mod, as I do most of my vaping seated, this suits me fine.

The Best Bit

I have saved the best bit to last. The Tesla Mod sells at just under £50. That is about what I spent in the past on cigarettes, within a week! You will need to buy at least one 18650 battery and a charger, unless you already own them but never-the-less, in comparison with other mods of this quality and functionality the Tesla Mod represents a real bargain.

Buy The Tesla Mod




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