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The Bolt Mechanical Mod Review

My first impression when taking the Bolt out of the packaging was that it was surprisingly compact.  When it comes to mods we are getting more used to larger and larger devices, maybe that is why I was expecting the size of the device to be comparable to a more hefty mod, such as the Bombshell.  The Bolt is very compact, in its 18500 battery configuration it could almost be a stealth device.  The Bolt can be used in two configurations; a stand alone configuration taking a single 18500 battery, or with an optional extension ring, you can use an 18650 battery for extended vape time.


The Bolt feels very sturdy for its size.  It almost feels that if you were to drop the device outside, it would likely do more damage to the ground than the device itself.  Other than the fact that there is no on/ off switch, you would have no hesitations about chucking this mod in a bag for fear of it getting damaged.

The Bolt Video Review:

The Bolt does have a single vent hole in the base of the device. If you were unlucky enough to have a battery go bad, there is a place for the battery gases to escape from.

Most people seem to find a “clicky” button on a mod to be strangely satisfying; you do not get that with this device. The button is fairly spongy but it never fails to fire.  Although spongy, the button is also very responsive; personally I have found that every time I have wanted to fire the device, it has fired.  I have also found that the resistance of the button is enough that you do not accidentally end up firing the device all of the time.

Another thing you will notice fairly early on is the threading.  Straight out of the packaging the threads are pretty squeaky and rough, but not to the point where it will give you any issues opening or closing the device.  Personally this doesn’t bother me too much as you are not constantly opening the device.

The Bolt is a flat topped device with the standard 510 connection.  This means there is no well or recess for a stardust/ ego threaded style atomiser/ clearomiser, but personally I think this device is best suited for a low resistance carto or Vivi Nova type tank anyway.  With the level sided, cylindrical style of this tube mod, tanks look like they belong on the Bolt.  The 510 connection protrudes slightly from the top surface of the device meaning that no tank will sit completely flush, allowing for good airflow.


This is an unregulated device so the output you get from your battery will reduce as the battery charge empties and with no lights/ battery indicators, you will need to make sure you pay attention to when your battery is likely to run out – buying a spare battery is probably a good idea.

All in all this is a nice, simple, no frills tube mod.  If you are in the market for a simple, sturdy mod that you do not have to worry too much about, this is very much worth a look.